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If you want to spread the word about your business, you need to get people to connect with you in the social arena online. Social media in this era is basically word-of-mouth marketing.  SEO and social media management might be done by two sets of people or one depending on their skills.

As for the social media marketer, he must be well informed on the agenda of the SEO strategist so that the two go in line with content promotion. On the other hand, the SEO strategist needs to work with the social media marketer to better optimize their content.

Step 1: Make a plan and marketing persona

These consist of putting in place a clear digital marketing strategy and posting strategy (frequency of publication, when and what should be posted. Marketing persona can be gotten by asking your audience questions or through social network analytics tools.

Step 2: Set SMART goals and create your online social network

Set SMART goals, choose your social networks and fill out profiles with visuals and text.

Step 3: Create quality content and visuals

Create informative, sharable, relevant and catchy content with visuals. Some of the content includes images, videos, blog posts, news, infographics, and interviews.

Step 4: Be active and responsive

Responding is not enough but making your audience feel they are actually interacting with someone, will easily convert prospects to customers, meanwhile automated response which might get the company in trouble.

Step 5: Measure metrics and optimize

One of the primary objectives of an enterprise on social media is to generate ROI and we use measuring metrics to see if this objective has been attained or not. Below are some metrics to keep track of:

·         Campaign click-through rate, lead-generation (conversion) rate

·         Total Follows, Likes, Impressions, Shares

·         Conversion rate

·         Time spent on the website

·         Traffic from social channels to website

·         Brand mentions

These metrics can be found with the help of a social media analytics tool, which is built into most major social networks. By keeping track of these metrics and optimizing can easily be made.

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